Sep 12, 2021

Cannabis Concentrates: What is Live Resin?

by Skymint

Live resin is a concentrated form of cannabis made using a special process to preserve terpenes – the naturally occurring chemical compounds found in plants that are responsible for the flavors and aromas. Live Resin get’s its name because it’s created from fresh plant material that has been flash frozen after it has been cut, instead of dried and cured. Through this flash freezing method, the plant is able to maintain all it’s natural cannabinoids and terpenes in greater yields resulting in a tastier, oftentimes stronger concentrate that provides a more true-to-plant flavor, aroma and effect.

How Is Live Resin Made?

Traditional methods of creating extracts involve using cannabis buds after they have gone through a drying and curing process to activate the cannabinoids in the plant. This destroys some of the terpenes and trichomes before the extraction process occurs, which can change the flavor and effects and sometimes lead to an overall weaker product.

Live resin uses a slightly different process. Instead of drying and curing, freshly harvested bud is submerged into a container of dry ice or liquid nitrogen where it undergoes a flash freeze, which captures all of the plants original terpenes, cannabinoids and trichomes.

The plant is kept frozen until extraction. During extraction, it is thawed and pressed with a solvent chilled to -40º F to create a solution. When warmed, the solvent evaporates leaving a purer concentrate behind.

"Live resin can be found in many different textures and consistencies including: shatter, sugar, sauce, and budder. It can be spreadable like sauce or budder, or crystalline like shatter. The variety allows you to pick what is best for you and your consuming preferences."

- Shelby Hooper - Skymint Senior Manager of Operations

How To Use Live Resin?

There are three primary methods to use live resin. The most popular among the three is dabbing. Dabbing is most commonly done with a dab rig and torch. Dabbing is the process of heating concentrate to an extremely high temperature and then inhaling the vapors that come off of it. Dabbing gives a much more potent high than traditional smoking, so if it’s your first time, it’s always good to to start low and go slow.

Live resin concentrate can be found in vape cartridges as well. This is a convenient alternative to consuming live resin compared to dabbing, but generally delivers a lower potency.

It’s not the most efficient way to consume live concentrates, but it’s not uncommon to sprinkle Live Resin onto the top of some ground flower to be rolled into a joint or packed in a bowl. This will boost the THC percentage and deliver a more potent high.

Benefits Of Live Resin

Live Resin contains more of the complete plant allowing for a higher concentration of natural terpenes and cannabinoids leaving an opportunity for the natural entourage effect to take place when consumed. This results in more complex, fuller flavors and aromas that are truer to the plants natural state resulting in a better experience for most.

Where To Store Live Resin?

Live resin is best kept in a dark, cool area away from moisture and air. Resin can be bought in a glass jar with a twist lid, making it airtight. A container that can be sealed, is opaque, and ideally is easy to scoop from is the best for long term storage. The best material for the container would be glass or medical grade silicone. Keep the container upright in the fridge for the best results.


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