Jun 2, 2022

What’s the Best Way to Dose Edibles?

by Skymint

Navigating the world of edibles can be overwhelming for a new user. We have all heard the stories (or have our own) of getting too high after consuming a mystery amount of cannabis in a homemade brownie. If you are a newbie who’s exploring trying edibles for the first time and worried about how much to take, you’re in luck. We’re here to help!  Any new cannabis experience can come with a bit of anxiety but no worry. In this article, we are going to provide some simple and effective guidance on how to dose edibles.  

Edibles are a popular and growing segment of the cannabis market. In states where cannabis use is legal, more than half (56%) of people who use cannabis consume edibles. Edible forms of cannabis include gummies, mints, chocolate bars, brownies, cookies, drinks, and just about anything else you can ingest. 

At SKYMINT, we chat with lots of first-time cannabis users who have understandable concerns when trying to figure out the perfect edible dosage. Even casual and experienced flower users need to understand that eating edibles is a little different than simply smoking cannabis. 

But how much THC should you take?

Most states that have legalized cannabis limit the amount of THC in edibles—typically 5 mg or 10 mg per dose and 100 mg per package.

When taking edibles, even the most experienced cannabis users should start with a low THC edible dosage. But how much THC should you take? This is a good question and there is some solid data to help guide the best first-time edible experience. Colorado and California public health systems have determined that 10mg of THC is recognized as a single serving, however, consuming too much THC may result in unwanted effects. Pro tip: you can always increase your dose and it’s wise to start off with a smaller dosage and build from there as you get a sense of how you feel. Remember the phrase, “Start low and go slow.”

Dosing Guide

Up to 2.5 mg can help with relaxation, mild pain, stress, and anxiety and is recommended for first-time consumers. SKYMINT gummies are 10 mg so you will want to start with a quarter. 

5 mg is recommended if you want stronger symptoms of relief or want to achieve a state of light euphoria. This dosage is also recommended for restless sleepers, recreational consumers, and patients with chronic pain. If this sounds good to you, take half of one of our SKYMINT gummies. 

 A 10 mg dose can get you the full-on “high” feeling. For this result, go ahead and eat the whole SKYMINT gummy!

To best manage your first-time edible experience, it is recommended that you start with a 2.5 mg dose.

Patience is key

A common mistake we see with first-time edible experiences is a lack of patience. Edibles take a while to release their full effect, sometimes up to an hour or more. It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking, “hey, nothing’s happening here. I guess I’ll just take a little more.”  This thinking can end up resulting in an undesirable experience, therefore it is highly recommended that you wait at least two hours after your first edible dosage to allow time for the effects to kick in.

Everyone is different. We all have a unique metabolism, body mass, heart rate, history of cannabis use, gastrointestinal system, etc. One person’s response to a dosage should not be used as a barometer for what yours is going to be. Take a 2.5 – 5mg dose to start, relax, and wait a few hours to see how you feel. If the effects are desirable after a sufficient amount of time has passed, you should try eating a small snack to help aid your digestion and gut absorption. This process is known to help to accelerate the effects. If you still feel nothing, then it’s okay to boost the dosage to another 5mg and wait another hour. This is a very smart first-time edible dosing strategy, as this process will ensure that you develop a feel for how THC edibles work for you. 

Be Smart and Responsible

It is important to remember that it will take longer to feel the effects of edibles than it does when consuming flower. Edibles also result in a different type of high than smoking flower or vape. Remember, start low and go slow.  Only increase the dosage once you’ve allowed enough time to see how your body responds. Edibles affect everyone differently, so take the time to figure out the proper THC edible dosage for you. Once you are more experienced, you will begin to better understand how your body reacts and what it needs for the optimal experience. 

Ok, now try some edibles! 

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