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Earn points for every $1 spent


It’s easy! Sign up by HERE or ask one of our team members to sign you up during your visit to one of our retail stores.

Providing a valid phone number and email address is key to accurately earning points each time you shop with us.

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How It Works

Earn points for every $1 spent
*Your points will expire 6 months after your last purchase. Come in regularly so you don’t lose your points!


Start earning points with every purchase after sign up. For each dollar spent you receive one rewards point (points are not earned on tax). The more you earn the more you save!


You can check your points balance and available rewards anytime and anywhere. Just click HERE to log in to your wallet. Of course, we are always happy to help look up your points while you are visiting any of our retail locations.


When visiting your favorite SKYMINT, log into your Rewards Wallet. Scroll down, choose your eligible reward, and click OPEN. At check-out, inform our sales team member you would like to redeem your reward and allow them to view as you click REDEEM IN-STORE. Once our sales team member has validated your reward selection we will add your reward item to your order and complete your transaction.
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250 Points

1X SKYMINT 1G Pre-Roll
Pre-roll icon
1X North Gummies
North Gummy icon
1X Two Joints Eighth
Eigth of Cannabis Icon

500 Points

1X North Eighth
Eigth of Cannabis Icon
1X SKY Minis +
1X SKYMINT 1G Pre-Roll
Eigth of Cannabis and Pre-Roll Icon
1X North + 1X Jolly Gummies
North Cannabis Gummies & Jolly Gummies Icon

750 Points

Eigth of Cannabis Icon
1X North 1G Vape &
Vape Cartridge & Pre-Roll Icon
1X Jolly &
1X SKYMINT Gummies
Jolly and SKYMINT Gummies Icon

1000 Points

1X SKYMINT Reserve Eighth
Eigth of Cannabis Icon
1X SKYMINT 1G Live Resin Vape
Vape Cartridge Icon
1X SKYMINT 1G Live Concentrate
Concentrates Icon
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