Aug 3, 2022

Say “High” To Our Design Team


Here at SKYMINT, we are a group of creatives, and our in-house designers are no exception. From store design, product packaging, promotional signage, billboards, and renderings, (the list goes on and on) this group of talented folks can tackle it all.

Spoiler Alert: THEY CRUSH IT!!!

We recently took some time with Amanda, Hattaria, Mason, and Will to learn what really goes on in those genius brains of theirs & hopefully steal their secrets! *Insert Evil Laugh*

Complete with an in-prompt-to photoshoot with pets because why not?

Scroll along to get all the deets!

What is your title here at SKYMINT?

Hattaria: Retail Interior Design Coordinator

Will: Graphic Designer

Amanda: Senior Graphic Designer

Mason: Senior Graphic Designer

How long have you worked for SKYMINT?

Mason: 2 years next month!

Amanda: Just about 2 years

Will: 1 year & 10 months

Hattaria: 10 months

Early Bird or Night Owl?

Hattaria: Neither – Midday Mover lol

Will: Night Owl for sure

Amanda: Night Owl all the way

Mason: Starting to turn into an early bird in my old age

How would you describe your design style?

Amanda: Everything I create is rooted in a clean, modern, and balanced look with a kick of personality. Every project looks a little different – because generally the project is not meant to speak to me – but I like to have that foundation to ground each project.

Will: I try my best to be adaptable for each project but if I am designing for myself, I gravitate towards vintage psychedelia and grunge. An Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats album cover is right up my alley.

Hattaria: Everchanging…but I live by the golden rule: When in doubt paint the sh*t black!

Mason: Vibrant and punchy

Favorite Project you have ever worked on?

Hattaria: A Children’s Hospital in AZ, and does my apartment count?

Mason: My first project I ever saw in real life. It was a box for a remote-controlled car, and it was already in the trash. It left an impression on me, and I always now strive to get as much life out of a package as I can before it is no longer useful. Sustainability has become a huge part of my focus also.

Amanda: This answer is forever changing – I am currently most psyched about a few packaging projects coming down the pipeline in the next few months! Be on the lookout.

Will: SKYMINT Super Ice Cream was so much fun to create. Also, what we have in the works for Halloween and Holiday later this year.

Are you currently bingeing any shows?

Amanda: Always! Right now, I am looking forward to finishing Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2

Hattaria: Re-bingeing Santa Clarita Diet

Will: I recently finished Death Note which was wild! And the new Kenobi series was great too. Now I am searching for shows to fill the void until Rings of Power releases.

Mason: Some really awful car restoration series

Favorite movie? Quote it for extra points!

Will: LOTR Trilogy extended editions. So many great quotes to choose from but nothing gets me and my friends rowdier than a good “Looks like meat’s back on the menu boys!”

Amanda: I’m terrible at “favorites” – I have such a broad range of genres I enjoy & I can never pin down one specifically BUT I find anything Wes Anderson or Quentin Tarantino delightful.

Mason: Princess Bride. “Inconceivable!”

Hattaria: B.A.P.S “If it’s too hot in the kitchen Nisi, leave. If the shoe fits wear it, if it’s too tight, take it off!”

Favorite Munchie?

Mason: New to Michigan but those Better Made pretzel sticks are amazing!

Will: An IPA and some Great Lakes salt, pepper, and onion chips are good too. Especially when those munchies hit!

Hattaria: Trader Joe’s Crispy Okra, or Bamba Snacks, Inner Peas…anything from TJ’s really!

Amanda: Chips & Tostitos Queso is *Chef’s Kiss*

What topic could you give a Ted Talk on?

Will: I’m Armenian on my dad’s side. I could talk all day about Armenian history and geopolitics. From history lessons about the genocide to my own humble opinions about setting up the Armenian nation for success today. I was not born in Armenia, but Armenia was born in me.

Hattaria: Korean vs American Zombie shows/films

Amanda: Hmm either The Pantone Color Matching System or Myers Briggs Personality Types

Mason: Spring Grove Cemetery

Go-to Karaoke song?

Hattaria: Knuck if you Buck – Crime Mob, Semi-Charmed Life – Third Eye Blind, or One Wish – Ray J

Mason: LOL

Will: The Bean Kicked In by Zack Fox

Amanda: ABBA anything

Name one totally irrational fear that you have.

Amanda: Spiders

Will: Being cloned in secret and one day having to fight my clone to the death

Mason: Heights

Hattaria: Whew! I have so many. The garbage disposal somehow turns on by itself when I need to fish something out.


Biggest Pet Peeve?

Amanda: it takes ZERO effort to use your blinkers, fam

Will: Not using blinkers and the golden state warriors (who blew a 3-1 lead to the 2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers).

Mason: Getting a text for each sentence, instead of typing out a paragraph…Mom.

Hattaria: Smacking and chewing with your mouth open…. I’ve become my own worse nightmare, I just got braces! Lol

Any hobbies?

Will: I’m getting back into lifting weights. I used to be very into it pre-covid and it feels so good to start up again. Also, I love watching the NBA and FIVB volleyball matches. As for non-sports, I’m currently reading “My Brother’s Road” by Markar Melkonian and playing the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. But my favorite way to spend my time is to hang out with my dog Zuko.

Amanda: I’m a huge (but *hopefully* not too snobbish) foodie – going out to eat (anything from coney dogs to fancy tapas), wine tasting, & mixology: I’m there.

Hattaria: Obsessively decorating then redecorating my apartment, simple DIYs, and organizing things! My brain is constantly a jumbled mess.

Mason: Oil Painting

Lastly, how do you feel about Cannabis?

Hattaria: I feel like it’s a fascinating plant and we still have soooo much to learn 🙂

Mason: It’s a great key to unlocking creative thought.

Amanda: We have a *professional* relationship

Will: Love cannabis. Weed has been a central part of my life for the past 9 years. It helps me relax at the end of my day, helps me sleep, and treats my anxiety. Not to mention it’s just a great time.

We weren’t kidding, were we? What a group! We can’t get enough of seeing their work and look forward to falling in love with their future projects.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little glimpse behind some serious magic. We are HUGE FANS!


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