Skymint x Ganesh GGO Battery



This is a 650 mAh battery, which is a unique battery that is equipped with features that no other battery in the market has. The first thing we did is install a smart chip that will allow The battery to heat up for 15 seconds. This allows you to have a battery that will give you the needed power and long vaping draws that will make your experience that much better. The second edition will be variable voltage, 3.4 (TERPY) and 3.8 (ROBUST). Now you can control your hit like never before. The third edition is Session Mode, which allows your battery to fire continuously for 15 seconds. To stop session mode, simply press the button once. This allows you to get an optimal hit every time. Universally compatible with any concentrate atomizer or any concentrate cartridge on the market. This unit charges via micro USB C and is a passthrough, so you can charge and vape at the same time! Product includes: 1x 650 mAh G-go battery, 1x Micro USB C cable, fits 510 & 808 threading, beauty ring for cartridges

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