Dec 21, 2022

Our Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide!


Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite cannabis enthusiast (or anyone who likes a good time)? Look no further! Our weed gift guide is here to provide you with some of the coolest and most creative cannabis-themed gifts out there. From a 10-pack of joints to our 11-gram Giant Joint, we have something for everyone. So, get your shopping list ready and prepare to take your gift-giving to new highs!

For the Ultimate Stoner: SKYMINT Diamond Infused Pre-rolls / SKYMINT Reserve Moonrocks

For the person in your life who chooses weed for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For the Cool Mom & Dad: Holiday Gummies / SKYMINT Pre-rolls

Who doesn’t love a high convo with the ‘rents?

For that one Picky Friend (we’ve all got one): Gift Card

You know who they are, just make it easy for yourself

For the Life of the Party: Big A$$ Joint / PotCo 10pk

This may or may not be you 👀, do a little self-reflection.

For the Stoner that refuses to grow up: Jolly Flavored Vapes / Jolly Vape Batteries

*Smokes joint, turns on SpongeBob.*

For the Classy Stoner: SKYMINT Reserve Flower / Apothecary jar

The person who appreciates the finer things life has to offer

For $20 Gift Exchange: Wooden pre-roll tube / North pre-roll

This will make you the cool friend who brought weed. We pinky promise!

We hope this guide has *sparked* some great ideas for the special stoner in your life or maybe…you?! The gift of weed is the greatest gift of them all and one that will surely make the season bright.

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