Sep 6, 2022

If you’re shopping ONLY based on the THC…. You’re doing it wrong.



We aren’t sure how we ended up here (Just kidding, thanks Cannabis Industry), but there is no denying that there is a myth that the only “good” weed worth smoking is the weed that yields a high THC percentage. We know, we know, it sounds overwhelming to forget everything you’ve been told about shopping for weed – And while we aren’t saying you’re wrong about it all, we are saying that you may be neglecting some major factors while scoping out new strains.

Let’s get into it!


Walking up to any counter and asking for the highest testing strain is becoming a way of the past. What about visible trichomes? How was it trimmed? Who grew it? The TERPENES?! Only using one cannabinoid to determine a purchase seems a bit careless when there are so many other factors that go into your experience.

Good weed is completely subjective to the person smoking it. You heard us, finding a strain that you enjoy completely depends on the high you are looking for. Your high is also dictated by your own endocannabinoid system within your body and how it reacts with cannabinoids plus the terpenes within the strain itself. Your individual endocannabinoid system controls a ton of important functions within your body like learning and memory, temperature control, sleep, pain, and more. When these factors come together and interact, they shape your experience. We call this The Entourage Effect. While a high THC percentage tells you how much THC is in the total weight of the plant, potency does not dictate effects…which is kind of the whole point.

Okay, so how do I shop then?


This should be no surprise, but SKYMINT retail teams are there because they are passionate about weed, its effects, and helping others feel just as good as they do. They could also talk about weed all day every day (it’s kind of their thing), so there’s no need to feel as if you’re taking up time; all questions are welcome and encouraged. This kind of shopping may not be needed each time you shop, but when unlearning THC shopping, gathering as much information on a specific strain such as lineage, terpenes, and effects should be your new go-to.

Note:  Their experience may not be yours so take charge and guide the conversation to things you are looking for in a strain and how you want your high to feel.

Bonus points if you keep a “Strain Journal” or ya know just a page in your Notes app that details how you feel after each strain. The taste, smell, short-term & long-term effects: using these notes for reference can help you narrow down your search. PLUS, whoever is helping you out in-store will be super impressed, so a win-win.

Not down for the chatting? We get it, we’ve been there. Take a walk by our flower tables – there are strain cards that give you all the information you are looking for right there. You can also reference our Strains page on our website under “Knowledge” to get the scoop on any strain.


Trying out some new strains! Maybe you have a base to go off, AKA you have a strain you love but are wondering what other strains are similar. You can narrow down what you like about that specific strain from that starting point. Is it spicy? Sweet? Does it have Limonene? Caryophyllene? Does it make you sink into your couch? Does it bring on endless giggles? Smells like gasoline? Okay, cool what strains have similar attributes?

As Ryan, our Senior Manager of Cultivation says, “The nose, knows” so get to sniffing

Your experience with Cannabis can change and evolve over time. While at one point you may be searching for more uplifting high down the road you may crave something more relaxing. Weed is personal, and the beauty is there is so much variety out there so keeping an open mind to trying new strains is all part of the journey. Get out there, enjoy, have fun, and happy smoking!

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