Our Morenci Dispensary Is Less Than 3 Hours From Dayton, Ohio

Recreational Weed STILL isn’t legal in Ohio. The good news is that Michigan is just a quick ride away for many of the state’s residents. Our Morenci Dispensary, located on the border of Michigan and Ohio, can provide Dayton residents the opportunity to experience a recreational dispensary.

You can view our menu and place an order so it’s ready by the time you arrive. SKYMINT has an incredible selection of adult-use cannabis products that will satisfy any consumer depending on your preferences. Flower, oil, concentrates, edibles, drinks, topicals, and more—we’ve got it all. Our expert staff will be able to help you find the right choice depending on the desired effects and method of consumption, just ask away!

Open up Google Maps and find your way over to one of the freshest recreational dispensaries near Dayton, OH. If you’re departing from Dayton, your quickest route will be taking I-75 straight North to Exit 127. Then, follow directions until you cross the Michigan/Ohio border! While you’re in town, be sure to check out some of the local spots or head a bit further northeast to Detroit for a wider array of activities. Don’t forget to find a place to stay, AirBNB is a great resource.

A few things Ohio Residents should keep in mind when partaking in cannabis tourism:

Disappointed that recreational marijuana is still illegal in Ohio? Head over to the Marijuana Policy Project to learn more about how you can help create change in your state.

Must be 21 or older to purchase THC products and have a valid state ID. Still curious how it all works? Feel free to hit up our toll-free line or send an email!

Learn more about the current state of Cannabis in Ohio and Michigan

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