May 28, 2021

Cannabis Edibles: Your Dosing Guide

by Skymint

Because edibles can take a bit to kick-in, it can be easy to accidently overindulge. If you’re unaware of your current tolerance levels, we recommend starting low and going slow at first. Start with 2.5-5mg to begin with, and see how you feel after 2 hours. If you’re not getting the effect your looking for, increase your dosage another 2.5-5mg and see how your feeling after a couple hours. Continue the process until you find the space your looking for.

What Are Cannabis Edibles?

Cannabis edibles are a great way to get a long lasting, well rounded high. Cannabis Edibles are any food product/ingestible that has been infused with cannabis, usually in the form of distillate. Because THC is absorbed during the digestive process, the high feeling is delayed, usually taking effect after 30-90 minutes, but the effects last for a much longer period of time compared to smoking.

Edibles are one of the fastest growing cannabis categories in the United States. Their popularity continues to grow, especially among new cannabis consumers. Since all you need to do is eat them, they remain the most discrete and convenient method for consuming cannabis. Almost any food or drink can be made as a cannabis edible, but the most common products available are candies (usually in the form of gummies), baked goods and chocolates.

How Edibles Work

When smoking weed, the smoke enters your lungs, there THC and other cannabinoids enter your bloodstream directly then travel to the brain. This can result in a high that comes on within minutes. Edibles are different, they take a longer route that goes through your digestive system. When you eat an edible, the digestive process begins working the same way as any other type of food. As the edible works it’s way into your intestines, the THC and other cannabinoids get absorbed and enter the bloodstream through the intestinal walls. This process generally takes somewhere between 30-90 minutes, but can take over 2 hours for some people.

Additional Tips

If your worried about getting “too high” it can help to eat before consuming edibles. The extra food in your gut will help make the high smoother, since an edible won’t be the only thing being digested by your body. It is always a good idea to have some extra munchies lying around in case you start feeling the need to snack. That way, you won’t be eating more of the stuff that will make you higher. However you consume them, edibles are a convenient way to get high without smoking, and are a great way to relax after a long day. Whatever ritual you have, edibles, when dosed correctly for you, are a great way to experience an incredibly convenient, great tasting and long lasting high.

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