Mar 27, 2022

Cannabis Anatomy

by Skymint

Cannabis is a very special plant with unique parts that aren’t found in most ordinary flowering plant species. Knowing what makes the cannabis plant so special can inform your experience and deepen your appreciation towards the “weed” we all love. Let’s break down what makes cannabis different into three basic parts.

The Fan Leaves

The leaves are the solar panels of the plant. They take in light from the sun and convert it into energy that the plant can use for growth. The leaves are instantly recognizable due to their unique fan shape, and they have become synonymous with the identity of marijuana as a whole. The leaves are essential for the growing process, but are removed before harvesting as they contain none of the trichomes that produce psychoactive effects.

cannabis leaves - fun leaf

The Cola

The cola is the central flower cluster that forms at the end of a marijuana plant. These flowering buds are the prized possession for growers as they hold the highest concentration of trichomes (which you’ll read about in a moment). Colas very in size, but can grow as large as 24 inches. They produce the bud we grind up and smoke. We can also send it through extraction processing to create any of the other cannabis products you love, like distillates and resins used for edibles, vapes and other concentrates.

cannabis flower cola

"When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself"

- Bob Marley

The Trichomes

The trichomes are hair-like extensions found on the surface of the plant. These babies are where the THC and other cannabinoids are located. They act as a shield to the surface of the plant, making it difficult for insects or pests to get to the skin of the plant. It also acts as a shield from light, like a sort of plant sunscreen, to prevent damage from UV rays. They give the plant a crystal-like sheen due to the sugar-like resin stored in the tip of the extension.

cannabis trichome
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