Aug 20, 2023

Best Hikes in Michigan

Aug 20, 2023

Best Hikes in Michigan

Rock formations and marked trails. Deep woods and massive dunes. Michigan has incredible scenery to wander into and explore. When you’re lacing up your boots, you might want to enjoy some cannabis before you head out. It’s a great way to enhance your senses every step along the way.

You may spot animals more easily. See colors in flowers you never noticed before. Even breathe air that feels fresher. It’s best to choose sativa or sativa-dominant strains to get your energy level pumped up. Whatever your adventure, explore mindfully.

If you love cannabis, here’s a list of great places to hit the trail.

Upper Peninsula
  • Greenstone Ridge Trail – Isle Royale National Park
  • Lakeshore-North Country Trail – Pictured Rocks
  • Big Carp River Trail – Porcupine Mountains Wilderness Park
Northern Michigan
  • Pyramid Point Trail – Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park
  • Potawatomi, Algonquin, and Chippewa Trails – Negwegon State Park
  • Au Sable River Foot Trail – Hartwick Pines State Park
Southwest Michigan
  • North Country National Scenic Trail – Lowell
  • Great Warren Dune Trail – Warren Dunes State Park
East Michigan
  • Michigan’s Iron Belle Trail – Rockport State Recreation Area
  • Port Crescent Trail – Port Crescent State Park
  • Penosha Trail – Brighton Recreation Area
Central Michigan
  • Grand River Trail, Grand River County Park – William Burchfield Park

There are a few important things to remember when you’re hiking and especially when you’re hiking high:
  • Understand the landscape
  • Come prepared
  • Stay hydrated and bring snacks
  • Hike with someone else
  • Bring garbage home with you
  • Pace yourself

It’s also important to remember that cannabis use is prohibited in all national and state parks as they are public land. Always respect the rules and regulations of the parks to avoid legal issues, while remembering that cannabis consumption should always be done responsibly and in compliance with local laws.

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