Apr 15, 2022

Become a Hero this 4/20 with Michigan’s Largest Joint


Do you want to be the hero of 4/20? How about a legend whose story is passed down for generations? Now is your opportunity to seal your fate and become etched into the 4/20 history books.

You’re probably asking yourself “but SKYMINT, how?!”

Well, we have the perfect way for you to live the dream we just made up for you.

Introducing the larger-than-life, exclusive BIG A$$ collection! This fresh lineup contains a 10-gram joint, 100mg gummy, and 5-gram jar of Michigan’s finest concentrate. It’s the perfect party favor for your 4/20 or just for yourself (but who doesn’t love to share?). It’s like showing up to the party with a Taco Bell but, like, way cooler.

“Like showing up to the party with a Taco Bell but, like, way cooler.”

- Cool people everywhere

After months of research and development and plenty of rolling, we are seriously proud to roll this into SKYMINT locations statewide for a *very* limited time. These will go quickly so be sure to act fast!


Sold out at your local store? Well, you’re in luck!


Now that we’ve successfully patted ourselves on the back, we’re going to get yours too and give you the chance to win a Big A$$ joint just by hitting this link and entering.

Good luck, happy smoking, and stay weird!


P.S. Please consume responsibly 😊

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